What Is CLT Flooring? | DoItYourself.com

If you haven’t already heard of CLT flooring, it’s only a matter of time before this building material is everywhere. It’s a relatively new material compared to others that are used in home building, but CLT is becoming more popular and gaining more attention all the time.

This sturdy, sustainable material can replace other building materials that do more harm

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Paleontologists Are Still Puzzling Over Why Dinosaurs Ran


An 1897 painting by Charles R. Knight depicting two dinosaurs called “Laelaps” in an energetic fight, suggesting they may have been warm-blooded.
Charles R. Knight

The dinosaurs looked ready to tear each other apart. In 1897, the famed nature artist Charles R. Knight depicted a pair of carnivorous dinosaurs called “Laelaps” in deadly combat. Claws and teeth bared,

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Bad News for Oklahoma Murder Convict of Netflix Fame


The murder conviction of a prisoner featured in the Netflix documentary series The Innocent Man will stand after all because he waited too long to raise concerns about suppressed evidence, a court has ruled. Tommy Ward, convicted in the 1984 murder of 24-year-old convenience store clerk Donna Haraway in Oklahoma, has maintained his innocence for decades

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Talking environment; activism with the Indigo Girls’ Emily

Legendary folk rock duo Indigo Girls are converging in Duluth on Sunday as part of the Water is Life Festival. They’ll be joined by a host of national music and movie stars, plus Minnesota artists, including Native and non-Native musicians, activists, models, and more.

“With Water is Life, we’re focused on the preservation of water and recognizing that water is,

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For Odile Schalit, Service Is at the Heart of Abortion Care

In 2018, Odile Schalit became the first hire at the Brigid Alliance: a non-profit organization that eases the logistical burdens of receiving abortion care, like transportation, child care, and finances. Four years later, Schalit holds the position of executive director of the service-driven provider, which has helped over 2,500 people access and pay for abortion care (two-thirds of whom
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Bamboo Flooring | DoItYourself.com

Bamboo flooring is a popular and easily-obtained flooring option that offers a natural appeal alongside ease of installation. c

However, there is no right flooring option for all situations and installing new flooring is an expensive endeavor, so it’s worth doing your research.

Here we address some of your burning questions about bamboo flooring.

What is Bamboo Flooring?

When walking

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