5 Function Setting Spray for Perfect Makeup

Before undergoing daily activities, you will make sure the results of facial makeup are perfect and long lasting. Flawless and long-lasting makeup without having to touch up must be the dream of many women. Well, one way to lock in and make makeup flawless and last all day is to apply setting spray to makeup. Apparently, the function of setting spray is not only as a top coat for facial makeup, you know! Want to know? Check out some of the functions and the right way to use the setting spray below. Check this out!

Anti Cakey Makeup Results

Often after a few hours of activity, your foundation will look cracked and your makeup will be cakey. Of course this is annoying and disturbs your look, it’s not as fresh as it was at the beginning. Don’t worry, the exact solution is to spray setting spray directly onto your face or by using a sponge or beauty blender. Gently pat on the cracked foundation. Instantly your makeup look looks perfect again.

Eyeshadow Looks More Pigmented and Anti Fallout

The application of setting spray is very important to deal with unpigmented eyeshadow colors, you know! When applying eyeshadow, sometimes the fine grains will fall into the under-eye area and will actually make the under-eye makeup messy. Just spray on the eyeshadow brush before the eyeshadow is applied to the lids. It is guaranteed that your eyeshadow will be more pigmented and anti-fall out!

Anti Powdery Highlighter Look

The application of a powder type highlighter often shows a powdery and imperfect texture. You can fix this by spraying setting spray on your highlighter brush before use. This technique is powerful enough to beautify the impression of shimmery and pop color in the highlighter!

Moist Face Without Oil

Want a moist face without oil? You can spray this one beauty product to control the high amount of sebum (face oil). Avoid oily skin on the face area because it tends to quickly damage the results of your makeup.

Maintain Skin Health

This one beauty product not only makes your makeup durable and flawless, your facial skin health will also be maintained. Rich in natural ingredients such as cucumber extract, rose, and green tea that can control excess oil on the skin. The mineral content also functions to nourish facial skin without having to be polished with makeup every day.

So, those were some of the functions of setting spray apart from functioning as a makeup lock. You can still use this beauty product for your daily makeup