9 Indoor Greenhouses You Can Get on Amazon

Even when you grow them indoors, plants can be pretty tricky. Some plants are so picky, they need a whole special environment just to live and thrive. If you don’t already live in a warm climate where things like frost just aren’t a problem. What can you do? Actually, there’s an answer. You can get an indoor greenhouse from Amazon and start growing all sorts of different stuff inside your own home.

Indoor Greenhouses

Outdoor greenhouses are archtecturla marvels. Made with glass and glass-like materials, durable frames, and apparently lots of money, they create whole environments for plants to live.

But let’s face it, not everyone can just have a huge outdoor greenhouse. What everyone can have, however, is a pretty simple indoor greenhouse from Amazon. There’s a shockingly wide selection of indoor greenhouses here in all kinds of shapes and styles.

Anyone can have a greenhouse and start growing their own plants, even those picky plants that want a warm environment. There are indoor greenhouses on Amazon to suit any budget and any space.

There are many indoor greenhouses that have a tall, four-rack design that you can use for plants. The Home-Complete mini greenhouse, however, is clearly one of the best. This indoor greenhouse has thousands of reviews that are overwhelmingly positive overall.

This design has wheels on it, so you can move the greenhouse anywhere. It’s made with clear molded plastic so you can enjoy the beauty of having plants even when they’re safely tucked inside.

Best of all, the thing is easy to put together. You don’t even need tools to get it standing and ready to use anywhere in your home. The weight capacity is 88 pounds, which is a lot.

That weight allowance should easily handle the plants you want to put in here. The greenhouse itself weighs less than seven pounds so it’s very easy to move when it’s empty.

indoor greenhouse

If you need more space for your plants, try an entire walk-in greenhouse. The Home-Complete HC-4202 design has eight shelves, and it’s large enough and tall enough for an average-sized human being to walk right inside.

You don’t need any tools to put it together completely. It comes with anchors and ropes to make the entire design sturdy. Each shelf has zip ties to hold it in place securely.

The frame is made of steel, which is pretty strong stuff, and it’s all covered with lightweight PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is lightweight and thin but also highly durable plastic material.

This is perfect for indoor use, and it truly creates a mini greenhouse environment that you can actually walk into. It’s got a lot of space for storing plants—plenty of room for your creativity to grow.

The BRIKY walk-in greenhouse creates a whole new mini-room for plants in your home where they can thrive inside their own environment. It’s big enough to walk into, and it’s got multiple shelves for different plants.

The design is portable, so you can put this greenhouse anywhere in your home, change your mind, and put it somewhere else.

This portable greenhouse has a walk-in design with three shelves inside. This is a small greenhouse, but it’s big enough to hold eight shelves that can be filled with plants. The door has a zippered, roll-up design that can be opened for ventilation or closed to keep plants warm.

The entire greenhouse is covered with polyethylene material. It’s waterproof, it’s shatter-resistant, and it filters UV light and diffuses the light. That means plants get healthy light at all times.

The portable design is easy to assemble and very sturdy. The interior might feel a little small, but there’s room for lots of different plants.

canopy greenhouse

The Abccanopy lean-to walk-in greenhouse has a distinct design that looks a little less like a greenhouse and a little more like a super eco-friendly wall display. The curving design is made to fit right against a wall.

And since the design is portable, you can even move it around to different walls if you want. There aren’t a lot of traditional outdoor greenhouses that can do that so easily.

If you want a greenhouse that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this lean-to design may be just about perfect. You can walk inside, though it’s a bit of a tight squeeze. There are two tiers and four shelves. The cover is completely transparent PVC, so you can see the plants inside.

This greenhouse actually lends a little atmosphere to any space. From inside this greenhouse, the plants become part of the decor. The lean-to design is also very sturdy, and it can really dress up any interior wall.

If you really need to save space, try the Homegrown-Pro mini greenhouse. This is a super small, clear plastic box that’s perfect for growing herbs and other small plants. There’s a window so you can add airflow when you want.

The reason this design is unique is easy to see. It’s no bigger than two feet tall, and it can be placed on a counter, on a desk, wherever you want.

This is just a simple, small greenhouse that makes it possible for you to grow plants all year long in a very small space. If you think you want to grow plants, but you aren’t ready for a big commitment, try this mini greenhouse.

indoor greenhouse

The Quictent Mini Portable Greenhouse is an easy-to-use, pop-up design made with fiberglass. There are four large zipper doors, so you can access this greenhouse from either side.

This is a lightweight but tough design that’s perfect for housing plants of many different types. It’s quick to set up, and it has hundreds of positive reviews from users.

Fiberglass is a durable material that’s easy to see through, so you can continue to monitor the progress of your plants.

The SunBlaster Grow Up Kit has everything, including LED grow lights. This is perfect for seedlings and starters, and it’s a really great starter mini greenhouse.

The light and dome design create a warm environment for the plants that functions like a mini hothouse. This is small, portable, and easy to use. The clear design makes it easy for you to watch the progress of your plants as they grow.

This kit is a great way for beginners to get an idea of what it’s like to grow indoor plans inside a greenhouse using lights. Depending on how much natural light you get, you may need to add some grow lights to your greenhouse, particularly in the winter months.

This kit gives you a great idea of what all that is like. Get started on a small scale so you can work up to a larger greenhouse.

pop up greenhouse outside

The Eagle Peak hot house is designed for tomatoes, but you can use it for any plants you like. The vertical design provides upward space for plants, and the double zippered roll-up doors provide easy access to all the plants inside.

The frame is made with rust-resistant steel, and the cover protecting the greenhouse guards plants against harmful UV rays. The entire design is small but stable and works well in an indoor environment where you want to create a little mini sub-tropical region for your plants.

Any taller plants you might want to grow, such as vines or beans, or sunflowers, should work well in this little hothouse. It’s small but tall, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and still gives you the space you need for your plants.

The Bigtree Wooden Cold Frame greenhouse is pretty and well-designed so that it can function as part of your home design. It’s a simple design that’s see-through, so your plants can still be seen.

This greenhouse is made with wood and translucent PC plastic. You can open the roof on either side to provide airflow. The design is actually easy to put together despite its pretty fancy look, and it’s affordable, too.

The wooden frame has a handcrafted look that matches well with any existing interior. This is a good way to add some rustic charm to your interior decor.

Growing Plants Indoors

indoor potted plants

Plants actually keep the planet healthier, and they keep your indoor air quality healthier, too. There are scientific studies that show there are numerous health benefits to living with plants. With an indoor greenhouse, you can grow just about any type of plant you want.

Indoor greenhouses make it easy for you to add the beauty of nature anywhere in your home. You can grow food plants, herbs, medicinal plants like aloe vera, and pretty flowers maybe. You can play around with all kinds of different plants, and you never even have to go outside.

Indoor plants are a perfect solution for people who have limited yard space or no yard space and for people who want to grow perhaps more exotic or picky warm weather plants that aren’t so easy t grow outside.

Fruit trees? Fresh herbs? There are a lot of things that are possible when you have your own greenhouse. They are available in a huge range of sizes and styles, so you can create an entire indoor arboretum over time if that’s what you want.

Who says greenhouses have to be made of glass? Indoor greenhouses are sturdy enough for daily indoor use, and that’s all you need to start your own garden.

Indoor Greenhouse FAQ

Why Grow Plants Indoors?

What’s the point of an indoor greenhouse? There are many plants that just can’t grow well outside because temperatures get too cold or because sun and water can’t be regulated very well.

An indoor greenhouse gives you control over water and light, and it provides a warm environment where many different plants can thrive, even in the dead of winter.

An indoor greenhouse has another enormous benefit: no pests. Outside plants are subject to attack from bugs, rabbits, deer, and any number of animals and pests.

Birds, worms, and creepy-crawly things of all types eat leaves, stems, buds, and other parts of plants. Whole crops can be ruined by pests. Indoor gardeners simply do not have this problem.

It’s much easier to care for indoor plants because they’re fully protected from all pests, which takes some of the work out of gardening.

What Type of Greenhouse Should You Get?

Decide what type of greenhouse you want based on the space that you have. You don’t want to fall in love with a particular design and then learn that you don’t actually have the room for it in your home.

Measure the space where you’re thinking about placing the greenhouse so you can choose a greenhouse that’s going to fit in that space well.

You can always start with a small greenhouse and upgrade to a larger one later if you decide you like having one in your home and want to expand.

Which Plants Should You Grow?

indoor plants

The plants you grow in your indoor greenhouse are entirely up to you. Maybe you want to grow food plants, like tomatoes or fresh herbs, to make all your food taste a little better. Flowers, grass, whatever you decide is up to you.

The beauty of a greenhouse is that you don’t have to worry about the season or the climate where you live. You can grow many types of warm-weather plants that might not even be possible for you to grow outside your home.

So have a little fun with it! Grow something that you can’t grow outdoors in your region. Grow something that might be a little bit difficult to grow.

Try to grow something you’ve always wanted to grow. Indoor greenhouses make many things possible, so get creative and have some fun.

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