9 Viral Tik Tok DIYs for Homeowners

TikTok isn’t just for viral dances and funny sound clips — it’s full of really useful information that’s boiled down into easy-to-understand content.

TikTok creators, a pool that is filled with seasoned homeowners with handy tips and tricks and pro-DIY-ers, post thousands of videos explaining how to bring your next home DIY to life.

Even if you don’t have the app on your phone, head to the website and check out these viral DIYs for homeowners that will help you spruce up your space and infuse your home with personality and charm.

The internet is divided when it comes to painting or staining brick. And while this topic is certainly polarizing, if you want to update your brick and you don’t want to paint it — give brick staining a try.

Now, we’ll admit it, we hadn’t heard much about brick staining until this video went viral, but after we looked into it a little more, we are definitely sold on the concept.

Instead of painting your brick all one color and covering the grout lines in the process, you can stain your brick to revive the original color or add a new tint or hue to your current brick look.

This DIY is great if you don’t have a ton of bricks to stain because the process is executed by hand. If you need to stain the whole house, the process would be similar to painting the brick.

Everyone loves a dollar store upcycle, and this Dollar Store upcycle went very viral. A penny saved is a penny earned, and this DIY creates a very high-end-looking candle for very little money.

You’re going to need two bowls from the Dollar Tree, some glue – preferably hot glue or E6000 — and some old candles. You’re also going to need some of that viral baking soda paint.

With these few simple supplies, you can create a candle that looks like you purchased it at an Anthropologie.

First, you’re going to take the two bowls and glue the bottoms together. You’re going to want to make sure that you get a really secure glue on these because you will be putting a candle in the top bowl.

Now, you’re going to want to mix up your acrylic paint and your baking soda to make baking soda paint to cover the entire bowl. We recommend sealing the bowl with some sort of paint sealant when you’re done.

Let the bowl dry completely.

Then melt down your old candles and use the wicks from those candles in your new candle bowl. You can use the hot wax to secure them to the bottom of the bowl.

Then, add your candle wax to the new candle and fill up your new candle. You’ll end up with something very functional and high-end.

With inflation and current prices on DIY supplies, many people are turning to Tik Tok to find affordable alternatives to custom projects that they may have outsourced in the past.

This DIY shows one way that you can create custom built-ins in your home for a fraction of the price of traditional built-in.

It requires a little bit more effort on your part, and it’s definitely not free, but using prefab cabinets to lay the base work for your built-ins is a good way to save money on your home DIY.

This tutorial walks you through how to add spacers and trim to your cabinet base, along with a cabinet base top, too. These are important details to make sure you pay attention to if you plan on bringing this DIY to life in your own home.

If you want to take your cabinet base to the next level, try your hand at building your own floating shelves above your cabinet base.

This is a DIY that you can do by building floating shelves with the traditional way, or by purchasing floating shelf brackets and building your shelves around those metal brackets.

Either way, it’s a fun way to complete this DIY.

When you talk about super viral, this DIY Tik Tok is it.

If you’ve ever wanted to disguise your appliances in your kitchen and make them blend more seamlessly with your overall design, you are not alone.

Blending your appliances into your kitchen has traditionally been extremely expensive and your options have been limited to hiding your appliances behind built-in cabinet fronts.

In this DIY Tik Tok though, you see a more affordable way to give your appliances a super seamless look.

This clever creator uses contact paper, primer, and paint, to seamlessly cover her older dishwasher in a stunning green color that matches her cabinets.

It’s simple, and yet, it’s genuinely genius.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but you really want to hide your appliances as best you can, consider using paintable contact paper. It’s a much more affordable way to hide things in plain sight.

This DIY video is a knockout 4- in-1.

Making it easy for homeowners in builder-grade homes to think of ways to customize the space, this TikTok is full of great ideas that lead to a customized home.

Many homes today are mass manufactured using the same plans as most of your neighbors, and using the same inside finishes as the majority of your neighbors.

Unless you are paying for a completely custom home, you are likely to have a few spots in your home that you want to customize a little bit more when you move in.

This video has four simple ideas that can easily be achieved by most new homeowners.

The first idea comes in the form of replacing the handles on your cabinet doors. This is something that we did in our own builder-grade home when we first moved in, and it made a big difference.

Replacing the brass handles in our home with black handles really elevated the look without us having to spend a ton of money.

We used a Rust-Oleum metal paint and sealant to simply refinish our handles, but you could replace the handles in your home with new ones easily.

The next idea these creators propose is swapping out the towel bars in your home. This is another swap we made in our own builder-grade home, that we are so happy with.

You can get some really cool towel bars online or even at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store, but you can also refinish your old towel bars the same way that we refinish our handles.

Replacing your towel bars will likely require a little bit of patching and painting on your part, but this is a project that you can easily knock out in less than an hour that significantly elevates your bathroom.

The next suggestion? Swap out the lights in your home. Changing your lighting fixtures can make a really big difference, but it can also be an expensive undertaking.

Our advice would be to start swapping your light fixture slowly. You don’t need to take on this project all at once. Slowly change light fixtures when you can, and elevate the look of your home over time.

The last piece of advice from this video is to paint the interior doors around your home. You’re going to want to use a really good brush or a sprayer to make sure that this project turns out great.

Using a crappy brush, or even a paintbrush that’s not meant to paint doors can leave you with paint drips and smudges. Using a sprayer is your best but when it comes to painting doors.

Painting the doors can make a huge difference though, even if you only paint them a color that is subtly different from the walls. It adds visual interest to the space and breaks up the monotony of walls.

We are all for a handy trick that saves us from cleaning up a major mess. When we paint, we’re messy, So this hack had our name all over it.

Simply by using a few paper towels, you can save yourself a lot of headaches when it comes to cleaning up paint drips and spills. This hack is intended to keep the rim of your paint can clean, but it does more than that.

You can use this paper towel hack to stop trips from coming down the edge of your paint can, and then cover up your paint can if you’ve got a little break and you want to protect the paint.

Couple this trick with a few other handy painting DIY tips, and Tiktok will have single-handedly solved all the world’s painting problems – at least when it comes to messes.

Sometimes online DIY videos will walk you through every step of the process, and sometimes they just give you a good overview so that you know where to start yourself.

This video is one of those good overviews that gives you an idea of how you could transform a space all on your own. Coming up with ideas is half the battle, and this cuts that battle in half.

If you have been wanting to transform your kitchen on a budget, this is a really great video to watch because, like 3 million people who’ve already seen this video, you’ve probably heard of people using some of these flip tricks in their homes.

Getting a general overview of which flip tricks the creators use in their space can help you determine which ones might work for your space. Plus it is just pretty fun to see the before and after.

We also love price transparency, and though your prices wouldn’t be exactly the same, this video gives you a great idea of how much some of these upgrades would cost.

Waste not, want not. This popular TikTok creator is showing you how to use leftover supplies from a previous DIY to create something spectacular and new.

Being responsible with the way that we renovate our spaces is important to us, and reusing old materials is a good way to make sure that we are limiting the amount of waste that we create.

This creator uses old stone tiles from a previous DIY to create a really cute tray. Now, you can totally go out and buy all the supplies for this DIY. That’s completely fine.

But if you had something similar lying around your house, or you had a way to use old supplies to create something similar in design and function, we recommend starting there.

Using old tiles is both economically conscious and eco-friendly, and it also requires you to get creative. Rules can feel frustrating, but they can also drive some genuine creativity.

Beyond what this video teaches you, being able to upcycle your excess DIY materials is a huge bonus both to your wallet and to the planet.

This app is full of great DIY art ideas. If you’re ever stuck, pop open the Tiktok app and search for new art ideas because there are no shortages.

Recently, art made using wall compound has become really popular, and we love this take on the popular idea.

Now, you could definitely recreate this piece of art or you could take the concept and create something all your own.

To achieve this look, you are first going to need to paint the front of a new canvas a solid color – preferably the solid color that you plan to paint the art at the very end.

After you have painted the canvas, let it dry and then you can begin adding wall spackling or wall compound to the canvas in the pattern that you would like.

Then you need to let this dry for a good, long time.

Once everything is completely dry, you can repaint your canvas, this time over the design that you created using the wall spackling. You should end up with something completely custom and really fun.

This is one area of DIY where you can go totally crazy and still end up with something that feels uniquely you and very appropriate for your home.