Crocs Platform Sandals Are a Spring Wardrobe *Must*

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I’ve never been a fan of Crocs (sorry, not sorry). I don’t doubt that the iconic clogs are probably the most comfortable shoe on the planet, but personally, I could never get past the shape, even in the name of comfort. Unfortunately for my weak-AF ankles, I tend to choose style over support in footwear, especially during the warmer months.

As such, I’ve been hard-pressed to find a 2000s-inspired platform wedge that agrees with my wobbly ankles. The ones with a huge solo strap à la Steve Madden allow the back of my feet to slip and flop around like a wet fish, and the strappy ones that offer a tad more support usually dig so hard into my wide feet that they create a bread-baking-around-twine effect. So imagine my shock (and humility, TBH) when I saw this pair of seemingly-perfect Crocs platforms make rounds on TikTok.

After conducting some light research on the Crocs website, The Brooklyn Strappy Low Wedge ($seemed to tick every box on my platform sandal wishlist: they were cute, offered ankle support, and according to hundreds of 5-star reviews, they were seriously comfy.

I might be a certified Crocs clogs hater, but I was totally prepared to eat my words if these platforms held up in the comfort department. But before trying them, I tapped a few podiatrists to see if Crocs’ claims of ankle support and stability held up.

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What to look for in a platform sandal

As it turns out, picking out platform sandals on their appearance alone has been a bad move on my part. Weak, unstable ankles like mine need a little extra support, according to Ankle & Foot Centers of America podiatrist, Gregory Alvarez, DPM.

“When selecting a pair of sandals for good foot and ankle support and stability, look for a style that has deep heel cups to help cushion the impact of walking or running, raised insoles to keep the feet in an aligned position, and adjustable straps around the ankle to provide additional stability,” says Alvarez.

On paper, these Crocs platforms hit every mark on Dr. Alvarez’s list. They have a raised insole for added support and fitted straps that tie around the ankle. Additionally, they’re created with a cushiony LiteRite foam footbed and deep-seated heel cups.

Physical Therapist and owner of Calgary-based Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic, Lalitha Bhowani-McSorley, adds that heel cups like these help align the heel to prevent excessive ankle movement for those with ankle instability. Heel cups, raised insoles, proper cushioning, and supportive straps “can be particularly helpful for those with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, or ankle sprains,” Lalitha adds.

My honest review of the Crocs Brooklyn Strappy Low Wedge platform sandals

They fit like a glove.

What I love

These are by and far the comfiest, most secure platform sandals I’ve ever worn. Trying them on the first time, my ankles felt supported during wear, and unlike most platform sandals, my feet stayed in place. The sunken heel cups, contoured insole, and bumpy texture throughout the footbed help the sandal grip onto my foot, keeping it where it needs to be at all time. The rubbery straps on this sandal are *super* soft, and even though they could be a little tighter, they still provid a much-appreciated level of ankle security.

The wedge height is just right: tall enough to be fashionable and satisfy my ‘00s fashion craving without making me feel like a skyscraper. I also loved the discreet raised logo, a good choice on Crocs’ part: you’d really have to inspect the straps in order to see it.

Apologies in advance for the die-hard fans of adjustable sandals like Chacos and Tevas: the side straps on these platforms don’t budge at all. Luckily for me, this isn’t an issue. I have pretty wide feet, so the stretchy rubber straps grip them just right, but those with slimmer feet might find them a bit loose. My feet tend to swell after a few hours of walking, so I’m grateful for the extra give.

What I don’t love

Unfortunately, the ankle strap could be a bit tighter. The adjustable metal push-pin closure system is super sleek, but it feels like it’s lacking one more set of holes to make the strap more secure. Even on the tightest setting I feel they could be more snug. It’s not loose enough that I can’t wear them, but it’s not perfect. If you’re unafraid of a little DIY, you could just punch an extra hole depending on your preferences (safely, of course.)

In all, these platform sandals are poised to be my footwear go-to for warm weather date nights and weekend visits to the farmer’s market. They’ve proved to me that Crocs can be cute and, more importantly, supportive. The jury is still out on its original clogs, but these absolutely deserve a spot in your summer wardrobe. Get yours here. 

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.