How To Make Fragrance Last Longer With 5 Easy Steps

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When you spritz on your favorite scent before a night out, that first whiff is intoxicating. But over the course of the evening, it starts to fade until there’s barely any detectable scent left—which is a total bummer, especially when you want to flaunt how amazing a newly-bought fragrance smells on your skin.

According to Greta Pagel, the fragrance director at Good Chemistry, there are a few different factors that can cause your fragrance to fade. “Longevity is dependent upon fragrance type, composition, and even shifts in temperature and humidity in our environments and noses,” she says. In other words, certain scents are meant to last longer than others (for example, something with “rich, lasting base notes” like amber, vanilla, and musk will last longer than a light floral; and “eau de parfums” tend to last longer than “eau de toilettes” because they have heavier formulas), and their staying power can be directly impacted by the weather.

The good news, though, is that regardless of what type of scent you’re wearing, there is a way to make your favorite fragrance last all day. In a now-viral TikTok video, luxury lifestyle influencer and FORVR Mood founder Jackie Aina shared her go-to method for keeping scents fresh for hours on end—and Pagel confirms it really works. Keep scrolling to try it for yourself.

How to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer In 5 Steps

1. Start with a body wash that contains the same scent notes as your perfume

The trick to making your fragrance last longer starts in the shower. Aina recommends choosing a body wash or scrub that smells “in the ballpark” of the perfume you’re going to wear for the day—meaning that the two formulas have the same general scent profile. “They don’t gotta be sisters, but they gotta be cousins,” she adds.

Pagel confirms that this is an effective first step, because layering different skincare products that match your perfume’s scent notes can help the fragrance stick around longer. “Pairing your perfume with other complimenting, fragranced personal care is a way to extend longevity on skin,” she says. “It’s also a pleasant way to experiment with layering different fragrances and to play around with a variety of compositions to customize your personal scent style or mood.”

Once you’ve picked out a body wash that compliments your fragrance, lather up, rinse off, and continue on the next step.

2. Layer on a body lotion in the same scent family

Using the same principles of fragrance layering, choose a body lotion or cream that contains similar notes to your perfume and body wash. For example, “if you’re gonna wear a rose perfume that day, then your lotion should kind of smell in the rose family,” says Aina. Be sure to apply the lotion to wet skin (ideally before you’ve even toweled off), which will allow it to penetrate the skin more deeply to leave behind a stronger scent.

3. Spray the fragrance onto your pulse points

Your “pulse points” are areas of your body where your arteries pass right underneath your skin—the base of the neck, wrists, inner elbows, back of the knees, and behind your ears—and tend to be considered the best place to apply perfume because they help the scent last longer.

“Because pulse points radiate warmth, applying perfume to these spots enhances the lift and diffusion of fragrance from the skin,” says Pagel. “The benefit of applying fragrance to pulse points, rather than other areas of the body, is a layer of sensual, subtle radiance emanating from the skin, accentuated by its warmth.”

It’s best to do this while your skin is still wet, as warm, damp skin will absorb the oils best.

4. “Seal” your fragrance

Aina says this step is crucial for keeping your fragrance going strong all day. It’s the same principle as applying moisturizer on top of your go-to skin serums: It helps to lock in the scent and prevent it from escaping into the environment. Simply layer on a second coat of body lotion or complimentary perfume oil, which will act as a sealant for your spritzed-on product.

5. Apply a final spritz of perfume

Go over your body once more with your fragrance, adding a second layer of perfume to your pulse points. Or, to extend your its staying power even more, Pagel suggests getting creative with where you spray yourself. “Try spritzing your comb or brush to run through your hair, or apply a bit to your clothing,” says Pagel.

From there, you’ll be smelling divine for hours upon hours on end—get ready to accept the compliments accordingly.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.