How to Test a Car’s AC Pressure Clutch

An AC compressor clutch can fail for several reasons. In most cases, this happens if you use the wrong clutch oil and the wrong coolant. However, the clutch could still fail even if you use the right oil and coolant. One of the main causes of a failed clutch is a clogged refrigerant circuit. The other causes may be detached cables or failed fuse in models that use a fuse.

Whichever the cause of the failed AC compressor clutch, you should be certain about the problem at hand before trying to solve it. In this piece, we look at compressor clutch diagnosis methods. We’ll also look at the available solutions to the various problems that the clutch could be having. Finally, we’ll consider whether it’s possible to jumpstart the clutch and how to go about it.

Troubleshooting the AC Compressor Clutch

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