I’ll Explain More on Chess Cheating Controversy


The reigning chess world champion has promised to say more regarding the game’s ongoing scandal. Magnus Carlsen, who resigned a game last week after playing just one move against Hans Niemann (he also resigned from an entire tournament earlier this month after Niemann beat him in an upset), seems to have implied Niemann cheats, but has not come right out and said so. In fact, when he answered questions about the issue last week, he only raised even more questions. On Sunday, however, Carlsen announced he will soon be releasing a statement on the matter, the BBC reports.

“I’ll certainly put out the statement very soon and that will also not be all you hear from me on that,” the Norwegian grandmaster, who many believe is the greatest chess player ever, said Sunday. He was speaking following his win in last week’s tournament after he resigned from his game with Niemann, ABC.net reports. He said he wants “cheating in chess to be dealt with seriously” and that he would address the scandal further, “whether it will be tomorrow or one of the days after.”

Meanwhile, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) said in a statement Friday that while it does not condone Carlsen’s decision to resign in protest after one move, it does agree with his concerns, CNN reports. “The World Champion has a moral responsibility attached to his status, since he is viewed as a global ambassador of the game. … We strongly believe that there were better ways to handle this situation,” the statement says. “At the same time, we share his deep concerns about the damage that cheating brings to chess. FIDE has led the fight against cheating for many years, and we reiterate our zero-tolerance policy toward cheating in any form. Whether it is online or ‘over the board,’ cheating remains cheating.” (Read more chess stories.)