What Trump and enablers did to his Arizona electors was

Some of the Arizona electors who were pledged to cast electoral votes for Donald Trump if he had carried their state (which he didn’t) were so concerned about the pressure they were getting from the Trump campaign to go along with a plan to cast electoral votes for Trump anyway, they worried that going along with the scheme would have

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35,000 Xcel customers without power following overnight

Diane Sandberg at KARE-11 reports emergency crews are fanning out across the Twin Cities metro and surrounding communities Wednesday morning after wind and heavy rain swept through the area overnight. According to Xcel Energy, around 35,000 people in the Twin Cities through western Wisconsin were without power after the storm

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Tips for Choosing a Smartphone to Support Your Business

Starting a business, in this new era, it is certainly quite flexible to do. All means of supporting commerce are available online, as well as marketing methods through social media, and don’t forget to support advanced technology such as smartphones, for example. Speaking of smartphones, it is undeniable that its function to support the pace of business is very important. … Read More

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Door

The bathroom is arguably a room that needs special treatment, including the selection of doors. The small area and humid conditions make choosing a bathroom door a little challenging. In order not to choose the wrong, there are several things that should be considered.

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5 Function Setting Spray for Perfect Makeup

Before undergoing daily activities, you will make sure the results of facial makeup are perfect and long lasting. Flawless and long-lasting makeup without having to touch up must be the dream of many women. Well, one way to lock in and make makeup flawless and last all day is to apply setting spray to makeup. Apparently, the function of setting … Read More

How to Prepare a Business Plan

The dynamic and fast-paced business world demands the right business plan. How to keep the business consistent and survive as expected? Make a viable business plan and follow it as one of the guidelines. A business plan or business plan is a kind of reference or reference for developing the company. A business plan is a guide that will help … Read More