Patio Furniture You Can Build Yourself

More than ever, the patio and deck areas are becoming an extension of the house.

We use the space for watching the kids play, grilling up dinner, and relaxing in between gardening chores.

As a true reflection of indoor living, patio furniture provides comfort and convenience with tables, chairs, couches, and more.

Rather than head to the internet or the nearest garden store to buy new furniture, grab some scrap lumber, free pallets, or purchased supplies and DIY your way to comfortable outdoor living.

1. Pallet Sofa

There are countless ways to build a sofa for the patio, limited only by your imagination.

A pallet sofa is a popular choice because businesses frequently give pallets away for free and they offer strong structural support.

Use pallets for the bottom sitting area of the loveseat. Attach additional pallets vertically to create the back to the sitting area.

You can make your pallet couch small or large depending on how many pallets you connect together.

2. Coffee Table

Outdoor coffee tables serve the same purpose as those inside the house, giving you a place to rest books, drinks, or food platters.

The most basic coffee table requires four legs of equal lengths connected by cross supports. For the top, you can attach a solid piece of wood or planks.

If your table is made of wood, choose cedar, teak, or redwood for the best protection. You can also add paint or stain to further protect it against the elements.

Instead of a wood top, get creative with cement, tile, or stone instead.

pallet couch and table on deck with cushions

3. Side Tables

Similar to coffee tables, patio side tables offer a chance to try a variety of materials and techniques.

You can easily construct side tables from wood in round, square, or other shapes.

Design styles range from four legs and a top connected by cross supports to more artistic styles.

Try out a tabletop mosaic made with broken tiles and grout. Similarly you could use bottle caps, buttons, license plates, marbles, pennies, or just about anything else you come up with.

Just remember to protect your table from the elements with the proper finish.

4. Dining Table

If you’re feeling confident in your skills after putting together side tables and a coffee table, you might be ready to go for the DIY patio furniture gold with a dining table.

While it might seem intimidating, a dining table is simply a bigger version of the same techniques used in smaller tables. Again rely on woods that perform well in outdoor elements such as teak, cedar, or redwood.

5. Bar

When you think about it, a bar really is just a tall table. Four tall legs, cross supports, and top planks will provide a standing-height bar you can place anywhere.

Instead of a free-standing bar, you can also create a service bar with storage for bottles and accessories. This type of bar works well up against a house or other structure.

Create a solid back to support the sides and shelves. Provide a bar-height work surface with at least one shelf above it for the shaker and glasses.

Add hooks for hanging bottles, wine openers, and other accessories.

You can add doors to the front or even make the work surface fold up and down with hinges for compact storage.

long table with pots and plants

6. Potting Bench

If you enjoy gardening, a potting bench is essential for saving your back while you move plants around from one pot to another.

It’s also a stylish way to express your love for flowers and plants and provide organization for all your tools and supplies.

Build a DIY potting bench with four vertical corner supports and cross supports that will hold the shelves. Plan for the work surface to be a good height for you. Then add a shelf along the bottom for storing pots and other large items.

Use a pegboard and hooks as a backsplash so you organize your tools and keep them easily within reach. Above the pegboard include another shelf for additional storage.

When it comes down to it, most patio furniture projects require similar tools and techniques so we send fair warning—once you get started you might yourself addicted to updating your sitting area, DIY style.