State denies more than 214,000 people for frontline worker

KMSP’s Theo Keith reports Minnesota issued denials to more than 214,000 people who applied for frontline worker bonuses. Nearly 1.2 million people applied, making just over 985,000 eligible as far as we know right now — more than expected. The final number eligible isn’t clear yet, as people who were sent a denial can appeal through Aug. 31.

Also from Theo at KMSP: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey proposes returning MPD’s police force to a court-ordered level of 731 officers in 2023. MPD ranks fell from 900 sworn officers in early 2020 to 564 this year.

The Star Tribune’s Kristen Leigh Painter reports that agribusiness giant Cargill’s revenue hit a record $165 billion in its latest fiscal year.

For CBS Minnesota, David Schuman has an update on the freelance journalist whose eye was taken out by an MPD less-lethal round covering unrest in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in 2020. She’s spending part of her $600,000 settlement from the city to help the community.

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Heidi Wigdahl at KARE on the booting of a 60-year-old shoeshine business from the MSP airport.

Bring Me The News’ Tommy Wiita on a comedian, Alexis Guerreros, who says he had a lousy stay at a downtown Minneapolis hotel due to bedbugs. The hotel says “third-party testing” found no bed bugs.

WCCO with the baby animal news: The Minnesota Zoo wants help naming one of its three new Amur tiger cubs. People will be able to vote among four names: Aleksei, Anri, Vasya, and Vostok.