Table Top Trends |

We’re all getting back to our dining tables and inviting friends and family over to celebrate anything from birthdays to well, just basically being able to gather together again. Table top decoration does have trends, and right now, I’m all about a table top that says CHEERS!

As you might have guessed, a recent trend toward bright color is sweeping the nation. Gone are the days of white tablecloths with white plates blending into the white candles in their crystal or silver candlesticks. We’re all asleep, I know. Take that white table look you already own and add a collection of neon colored candles. They exist, and they are fabulous. So do neon napkins. Now you’re cooking!

Giving the Classics a Reboot

A lot of us have a stack of dishes we somehow inherited and have never known how to integrate those plates into a fresh look. If you have a plate setting that’s giving you Granny chic, take away those predictable chargers (chargers are a base plate that stays while all the courses are being served but never actually has food directly on it) and replace them with something fresh and unpredictable.

I love to put a huge flat leaf like a monstera or large fern under a plate instead of a charger or placemat. You can also use a paper cut out of a leaf and add a jaunty angle with it peeking out from your plates and serving platters.

A classic toile plate collection looks stunning with a bright opposing color table cloth. And gives this expected look and unexpected twist. The striking color difference will frame the plates and make a fresh statement. Send a few snapshots to that great aunt you got the plates from and make her day.

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