Traveler Receives Interesting ‘Meal’ After Asking for Vegan


Airline food isn’t known for being particularly memorable, but Miriam Porter isn’t likely to forget the one she was served on Air Canada anytime soon. Among the “special meals” the airline has listed on its website are vegetarian and vegan options, and Porter, a Canadian travel blogger who posts her writings on TikTok as “The Kind Traveler,” hoped to order the latter during a flight last month from Toronto to Frankfurt, Germany, reports the Independent. Instead of full meals during the 10-hour flight, however, Porter says she was given what wouldn’t even be considered a snack.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, Porter shows her first “meal”: a bottle of water. And her second? All that’s seen on her seatback tray is a napkin. On Air Canada’s site, it notes that passengers who wish to order specially prepared meals need to do so 24 hours ahead of time, and Porter insists in the comments section for her video that she did so “well in advance,” as well as confirmed her order multiple times. She also notes that she usually brings her own food in case of similar issues, but this time she wasn’t able to.

It’s murky on what exactly happened to the vegan meals she ordered—the Daily Hive first reports that she was told her meals didn’t make the flight, then adds that she was served frozen-solid fare. But at any rate, Porter didn’t go completely hungry: A flight attendant finally hooked her up with some fruit, a granola bar, and a dinner roll from business class. Apparently, Porter isn’t the only one who’s faced this dilemma: A commenter says they once asked for a vegetarian meal on Air Canada and were served “shredded carrot on white bread,” while a vegan flier says they received “a small bun with 3 slices of zucchini” on a Delta flight from Canada to Colombia. (Read more Air Canada stories.)