Waterproof Furniture You Can Leave Year Round

Outdoor furniture is a nice addition to any home and creates an entire outside living area. But unless you have waterproof furniture you can leave year-round, you’re looking at a whole lot of maintenance.

What you need is outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements and stand strong in the face of all four seasons. This requires a lot less work and lets you enjoy your outdoor living space even more.

When you know which materials and brands to look for and what qualities you should be shopping for, you will find it much easier to pick out long-lasting outdoor furniture that will stand up to whatever the weather dishes out.

Types of Waterproof Furniture

Don’t just go by the style of the furniture you like, the pieces that strike your eye. Shop smarter by specifically shopping for waterproof furniture materials, the ones that are going to stand up against the weather, and start from here when you’re choosing what to put outside your home.

Start with the right materials and you can worry about picking furniture with the right style later.


Aluminum doesn’t corrode due to moisture, which makes it waterproof and highly durable in the weather. Aluminum oxide, a protective coating that is used on aluminum furniture, also protects the furniture from UV rays.

Outdoor furniture made with coated aluminum is resistant to fading, rusting, and corrosion, which makes it a great choice for any outside living area.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is easy to clean and it does withstand moisture, which is great for outdoor use. However, aluminum is extremely lightweight, which is not so great for outdoor use.

This furniture can be moved and even carried by strong winds, which can be hazardous. You don’t want your outdoor furniture just flying around outside.

Natural Stone

Nothing lasts quite as long as natural stone. This is a lasting addition to your outdoor spaces.

Stone is definitely a go-to when it comes to outdoor furniture. It looks nice and it’s incredibly durable but there are a few obvious drawbacks to stone, as it can be a surface for mold and plants to grow on and it can become discolored over time.

Stone will degrade and change very slowly over time, but this is in terms of decades and not years. Stone can crack and otherwise experience wear due to cold, moisture, and other weather conditions over time as well.

This material is also rather hard and uncomfortable. Stone is incredibly hard and unyielding and that makes it highly durable but not always the nicest thing to sit on.

However, stone has its own distinct look and it adds a lot of high-end flair to any outdoor living space. You can save money and compromise by getting outdoor furniture made from concrete, rather than natural stone.


Plastic doesn’t rust or rot. It can even withstand the snow.

Plastic can be molded into literally any shape and made in any color and it can even have a huge variety of different textures. Plastic can be made to look like wood, stone, or any other material you like.

Outdoor furniture made from plastic is available in a huge variety of styles and colors and different designs, so you can have any kind of look you want for your outdoor space. It’s also highly affordable material.

In extreme cold, however, plastic becomes brittle and may crack or break. It will withstand the rain but plastic will have to be moved indoors in very low temperatures.

Over time, high temperatures and sunlight can cause plastic to fade.

Synthetic Rattan

Rattan is a popular outdoor furniture material. However, there’s a big difference between natural and synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan is a durable material that is made from resin and plastic. This material is waterproof and UV-resistant.

Natural rattan is subject to rot and mildew, as any natural wood or wicker would be. Over time, it can fade and become damaged by the water.

Moisture will break down natural rattan over time and cause wear and tear. Synthetic resin rattan, however, is resistant to water and to fading and mildew.

Synthetic rattan is a great choice for outdoor furniture because it is resistant to frost, moss, and pretty much any weather condition. It also has the look of natural rattan, but without all the maintenance and moisture damage that can result from this material.

Treated Wood

Treated wood looks amazing…for about a year. You have to re-treat the wood about once a year to keep it looking great because it will fade, chip, and crack over time otherwise.

If you’re going to choose wood, hardwood is more likely to withstand the elements. Choose something made from teak, oak, elm, acacia, or another hardwood if you can, as hardwood will stand up to the weather better than soft wood.

Teak is a common choice because it keeps out moisture and resists rot better than most. You will find this wood often in outdoor furniture because it naturally withstands weather changes and wet conditions.

With regular treatment and maintenance, a piece of wood furniture can last for up to 30 years. Hardwoods will last even longer, up to 50 years.

Waterproof Furniture You Can Leave Year Round

You know what type of materials to look for when you’re searching for waterproof furniture that you can leave out all year round. Now get a look at some sets and pieces of outdoor furniture that are low-maintenance, long-lasting, and nice-looking.

simple outdoor table

Trex Side Table

This round side table is a Cape Cod design made with a classic look. It’s crafted out of plastic with a stone color.

The stone gray shade blends beautifully into any outdoor environment and matches well with any existing decor.

The tough plastic used to make this table is resistant to weather, easy to clean, and does not need to be treated or sealed. The Trex side table has great reviews on Amazon and it’s a popular item.

Trex makes a lot of outdoor furniture in this line, like the two-piece bar chair set. This is a good brand and a classic design when you’re looking for plastic furniture that’s going to look nice.

Tortuga Outdoor Dining Set

The Tortuga 7-piece outdoor dining set is made with powder-coated aluminum, a stone tabletop, and synthetic wicker made from resin. This set looks amazing and it’s made with multiple types of highly waterproof and weather-resistant materials.

The set has a sleek, traditional look that will fit in anywhere and a neutral and black color scheme that matches beautifully with any existing decor. All the materials this set is made from are water-resistant and tough against outdoor conditions.

FDW Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Bench

This classic bench is made with oiled acacia wood. This is a natural hardwood that is highly resistant to weather after it’s been treated.

Continue to treat the wood about once a year to keep it looking great and maintain its integrity, and this bench will last a long, long time.

The look of natural wood blends in beautifully with the outside world and it has a high-end look to it. You can’t really go wrong when you incorporate natural wood into your home design.

Polywood Presidential Rocking Chair

Polywood makes a huge product line of outdoor furniture. The presidential rocking chair is a great example of the durable products this company makes.

This rocking chair is made of durable plastic that can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It’s a classic design and it has extremely high reviews from Amazon customers, who praise the low-maintenance design for its durability.

metal patio table and chairs

Christopher Knight Dining Set

Made with aluminum, this 7-piece outdoor dining set has a table and chairs made completely with cast aluminum, a material that is highly rust-resistant and tough.

The design is classic, with the sweeps and curves you often see in retro and vintage styles. This set is highly rated on Amazon and made with non-corrosive, very tough material that will withstand water and weather.

Resin Teak Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chairs are an outdoor furniture classic. They’re classic and comfortable and highly versatile.

This particular model of chair from Resin Teak is made with a combination of wood and plastic that has the best qualities of both materials. The wood adds the grain and natural beauty of real wood while the plastic eliminates the need for treating the wood.

This chair is waterproof and weather-resistant and it has extremely high reviews on Amazon, with customers praising its sturdiness.

Modway Bistro Set

Made with UV-resistant aluminum, this bistro set from Modway has a highly modern look and a very low-maintenance design. The slats are made to look like wood but they’re actually plastic, while the frame is made with tough aluminum that resists the effects of moisture.

Reviewers praise the design and there are almost no negative reviews of this outdoor set at all, which is pretty impressive.

outdoor bench

Soleil Jardin Garden Bench

Made with aluminum is a highly classic design, this bench has a timeless style that will look good anywhere. The aluminum material is highly weather-resistant and easy to clean.

This piece has overwhelmingly positive reviews for its low-maintenance ease and long-lasting durability.

Waterproof Furniture FAQ

Waterproof furniture that can be left out year-round and still look good and withstand the weather is a really great option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining their patio furniture.

If you don’t want to stain and treat furniture or you don’t want to see rust and wear, stick to waterproof furniture options that will give you gorgeous outdoor spaces.

Many types of waterproof outdoor furniture can simply be hosed down or washed up with soap and water. This is all the maintenance they require and this is all the maintenance that many homeowners want to perform on their outdoor furnishings.

Can you have furniture that isn’t waterproof?

There is plenty of outdoor furniture that is not made to be fully waterproof. Many outdoor furnishings have fabric cushions, for example, that must be washed frequently if they are left outside.

You do not have to choose waterproof outdoor furniture, but it requires far less maintenance and work if you do. You can always learn how to winterize your outdoor furniture if it isn’t made to withstand the elements.

Outdoor furniture can be covered or moved indoors any time there is bad weather or even heavy sunlight, which can have a negative effect on outdoor furnishings over time. It takes more time and work, but you can choose outdoor furniture that is not made to be waterproof if you prefer it.

How much does outdoor furniture cost?

The cost of outdoor furniture varies, depending on the material it’s made from, the brand making the furniture, and how many pieces of furniture you want to buy. A piece of waterproof outdoor furniture that is of a rather standard size and design costs around $50 to $400, depending on the type of furniture it is.

Sofas and dining room tables cost more than end tables, for example. Sometimes, you can find bargain deals by shopping for outdoor furniture in sets, or you may find that going piece-by-piece is ultimately more economical.

Where should you shop for outdoor furniture?

There are many places to find outdoor furniture. You may find good deals by shopping online, or you might get some bargains by looking in secondhand shops or scouting yard sales.

Look for end-of-season sales to really save money on outdoor furniture. Many stores will unload summery items, such as outdoor furniture, toward the beginning of fall, so you can save big on buying these items at a discount.

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