What’s next in the nursing strike

The Strib’s Jeremy Olson looks at what could come next in the nursing strike, now in its third and final day.

Many people were surprised to learn that Hardee’s still exists after news broke Tuesday that MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell’s phone was seized by the FBI at a Mankato Hardee’s. As of today, Hardee’s was parlaying the event into PR with a tweet:

The Strib’s Zoë Jackson reports a federal committee on maternal mortality is being held on tribal land at Mystic Lake this week.  “One Indigenous doctor told of losing a friend during her third trimester of pregnancy. An Indigenous state health director pointed out that improving maternal health systems for Native people could help others, too — just like building requirements designed to accommodate wheelchairs also help parents pushing strollers.”

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The Associated Press reports that somewhere in the black mountain hills of (North) Dakota, a woman walked into a bar with a raccoon. In the wake of the incident, health officials warned those who had had contact with the animal about a potential rabies exposure.

Bring Me the News’ Christine Schuster reports that downtown Duluth’s former Hotel Astoria is set to be demolished.

Racket’s Jay Boller has a piece on Blake Proehl, “whose dad Ricky won two Super Bowls during his 17-year NFL career, has never been shy about the athletic gifts that make that possible, including his scorching 4.47-second 40-yard dash and soaring 36-inch vertical jump … Proehl’s other talent—singing—remained hidden until late 2021, months after the undrafted wide receiver signed with the Minnesota Vikings.”

Politifact debunks some truly wild conspiracy claims about Queen Elizabeth’s death. The Prince referenced here isn’t Charles but is, in fact, Prince.